Process for Establishing
A New Women Seeking Serenity Group

Identify a small core group of women interested in forming a Women Seeking Serenity group in your area, and determine with this group the day and time that the meeting will be held each week.
Find a location for your meeting – preferably a church or other public building that is easily accessible and provides ample parking for a growing group.
Designate one individual who will function as the “treasurer” of the group – collecting the $1 donations from attendees at each meeting, making payments for use of your meeting place, and making any necessary purchases of materials and supplies.
Determine how leadership of meetings will be shared among group members – e.g., rotation cycle, a sign-up calendar, randomly depending on who is in attendance, etc.
Publicize your meeting in the most effective ways for your area. This could include postings on bulletin boards at churches, residential communities, libraries, etc., and/or press releases to local papers announcing the formation of the group. (Click to print a sample press release.)
Assemble the following materials to have on hand for your meetings:
  •  A copy of the WSS Meeting Preamble (Print)
•  A copy of the 12 Steps (Print)
•  Copies of at least 2 or 3 of the following books
    from which readings will be shared:
           -- Each Day A New Beginning
               -- Twenty-Four Hours A Day
               -- Daily Reflections
               -- Affirmations for Adult Children of Alcoholics
               -- The Language of Letting Go

•  A supply of marbles: clear, red, yellow, green
•  A basket for collecting $1 donations

Complete and submit the form below to have your meeting listed on this website. (Use this same form to notify us of any future changes in your meeting date, time, location, etc.)

WSS Meeting Information

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Change Existing Meeting Information

Meeting Day(s):
Meeting Time(s):
Meeting Place:
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Complete Address:
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Phone Contact(s):
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Special Instructions:
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If you need additional information about the formation of a Women Seeking Serenity group, Contact Us by email with your question, or provide us your phone number so we can get back to you and provide the assistance you need.


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